Game Pass Indie Tunic Scores Physical 'Deluxe Edition' Xbox Release 2

If you enjoyed Tunic when it arrived on Xbox and Game Pass in 2022 and would like a copy to add to your physical library, you're in luck!

Fangamer is now offering a physical "Deluxe Edition" which comes with not only a copy of the game, but also a bunch of other goodies including a controls and concepts booklet, an instruction booklet, a map, a sticker sheet, and even a download code for the game's soundtrack.

This hard copy of the game will set you back $45 (or your regional equivalent), and there's a limit of four copies per-customer.

When Tunic originally landed on Xbox, we heavily praised this Zelda-style adventure, awarding it an "Excellent" nine out of ten stars. You can read more about it in our full review here on Pure Xbox:

Will you be adding this one to your physical collection? Let us know in the comments.