Tunic Publisher 'Concerned' About Subscription Services Like Xbox Game Pass

As consumers, Xbox Game Pass is awesome, isn't it?! A huge library of games right at our fingertips, including an amazing selection of big Xbox exclusives, major third party titles and some cracking indie adventures. However, the outlook from a developer and publisher point of view can be quite different at times.

Recently, Xbox developer Arkane admitted that launching into Xbox Game Pass is "scary", in part due to the sheer number of people that could be playing their game at launch. For indie publisher Finji, which recently helped launch the amazing Tunic, the sentiment is similar but for a completely different reason.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Finji CEO Bekah Saltsman talked about how she fears that one day, indies could be frozen out from subscription services like Game Pass:

"...my concern is that because the libraries are so big and the companies are so prolific with huge user bases, that they won't need us."

"If your service has the majority of people just play one game on it and subscriptions do better with live services, would they be able to justify a reasonable budget for this other project that would have a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of players compared to something doing a huge portion of numbers on the service?"

"Subscriptions are both awesome and terrifying at the same time, and it could go either way. And I worry most for the smaller indie teams who maybe don't have an early foothold as creators, that they may not have the space and the money to make more than one game."

"My only wish is please just keep paying for the work that the teams do in a way that doesn't hurt them. Pay them a decent salary built into these buyouts."

So far, Microsoft appears to be doing a pretty good job at balancing out AAA additions with bringing in some great indie titles, but these are very valid points from a publisher's perspective and we hope that the balance remains intact going forward.

As for Tunic's Game Pass inclusion? Well, we reckon it was one of the very best Xbox Game Pass launches of last year - It scored an amazing 9/10 in our Pure Xbox review!

Do you have concerns for the future of indie titles on Xbox Game Pass? Leave your thoughts down below.

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