Xbox's 'Wu-Tang Clan' Action-RPG Resurfaces After New Insider Report

A couple of years ago, we woke up on an October morning to hear a very surprising report that Xbox was working on some sort of game in partnership with Wu-Tang Clan. Yep, you heard that right, Wu-Tang Clan - and a fresh Insider Gaming report has brought the project back into the limelight.

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has corroborated that information from 2021, while also claiming that the game is now in Alpha stage in 2023. Just like those existing reports said, the title is apparently in the works at newly-formed developer Brass Lion Entertainment.

It's understood that this project "features a massive catalog of the Wu-Tang Clan’s music" and that in terms of gameplay, third-person melee combat is the general style here. It's also said to be co-op focused, possibly in a four-player setup.

As for the visual style, this is where things get interesting in relation to Xbox. Insider Gaming claims that it has seen footage that "shows an animation style somewhat similar to Into The Spider-Verse" and that "one front flip with a slam attack contained 7-8 frames of animation". Sound a bit like a Hi-Fi RUSH-esque rhythm action game, right?

Anyway, all of this is unconfirmed reporting as of now, but with The Game Awards right around the corner and Xbox hype building before the show - who knows, maybe we'll see it show up later tonight? We don't have to wait long to find out either way, as the show starts in just a few hours!

Does this sound like something you'd play? Tell us what you think of these reported details down below.