Xbox Rumours Continue To Circulate Ahead Of The Game Awards 2023

We're just over 24 hours away from The Game Awards 2023 at the time of writing, and as you'd expect, there are a few Xbox rumours along with plenty of speculation doing the rounds ahead of the big event this Thursday evening.

One of the rumours that's gained a lot of traction is that Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Redfall) may reveal their next game at the show. This comes courtesy of YouTuber Nate The Hate, who spoke about it on his recent podcast:

"Arkane will announce a brand-new game at The Game Awards. It will not be Redfall 2 to my knowledge, though the extent of my information is strictly to - Arkane has a new announcement for The Game Awards. I don't know what the project is..."

Beyond this, well-known industry insider Shinobi602 appears to have suggested there will be an announcement that will "have a lot of people talking", but hinted that he wouldn't categorise Deathloop 2 or Dishonored 3 in that way. Take that comment for what you will - it's an intentionally vague tease!

There are a few other Xbox-related rumours doing the rounds today, such as an apparent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake being in the works, and speculation continues to crop up about whether Baldur's Gate 3 could be a day one Xbox Game Pass title. We can't see that last one happening to be honest, but you never know!

Anyway, we'll get our answers for sure at The Game Awards 2023 showcase tomorrow, and we'll be sharing all the big news here at Pure Xbox after the event. Don't forget you can watch it live with us as well.

Heard any other rumours you want to share in the comments? Tell us down below.

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