Here's A First Look At Baldur's Gate 3 Running On Xbox Series X & S

One of the big surprises last night at The Game Awards 2023 was the reveal that Baldur's Gate 3 was available immediately on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, launching at a price of £57.99 / $69.99 on the Xbox Store.

It's still early days in terms of getting some performance analysis from these two new versions of BG3 for Xbox, but we do at least have some footage. YouTuber The Xbox Tester has already shared some clips from the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions, and you can watch both of those videos down below.

We've only got around 20 minutes of footage to analyse for each, but the first impressions seem good at least! Graphically, the Series S version seems to hold up well, and hopefully the performance will prove to be stable too.

Obviously with this being a shadow drop, we haven't had a chance to check out Baldur's Gate 3 just yet here at Pure Xbox, but we're hoping to bring you a full review of the game next week. Stay tuned for that!

Have you bought Baldur's Gate 3 for Xbox yet? First impressions? Tell us down in the comments below.