Xbox Series X|S Sales Had A Strong Week In Japan, Rarely Beating Out PS5

Japanese outlet Famitsu has released its latest hardware and software sales figures for the region, revealing a solid week for Xbox Series X|S sales - at least in comparison to PS5. According to the outlet (via VGC), Xbox Series X and S sold a combined 3,301 units last week, while PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition managed 2,933 units sold.

This isn't the strongest week we've seen in the region — Microsoft's current-gen consoles sold more than double this amount at one point last June — but it shows that there remains interest in the consoles over in Japan, even more so than the Japan-native PS5 at certain stages.

We're starting to wonder how the systems will have fared over the course of the year over there, at this point. 2022's Xbox Series X|S sales in Japan doubled the consoles' 2021 figures, so we have high expectations for 2023's stats. If last year is anything to go by, we should learn the full 2023 figures very early in 2024.

We have no reason to believe that Xbox's figures can't keep improving. The team is finally delivering on its promise of plenty of first party, current-gen releases following the acquisitions of both Bethesda and Activision Blizzard - deals that should make the platform more attractive not only in Japan but around the world. We'll wait and see how the systems have fared across the whole year!

What do you think to these figures? Are you hoping to see a strong overall year for Japanese Xbox sales? Leave your thoughts down below.

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