Xbox Opens In-Person 'Audio-Visual Experience' Featuring Hellblade 2
Image: Xbox Power Your Dreams (London)

Xbox has announced some pretty cool in-person events happening in the UK and Germany right now - and they both feature an "Immersive Audio-Visual Experience" based on some of the team's biggest games.

Hosted at the Charing Cross Road Outernet Store in London and The Lighthouse of Digital Art in Berlin, Xbox fans can now visit the 'Power Your Dreams' experience and get immersed into some big Xbox game worlds. What's even cooler is that the experience includes an exhibit based on Hellblade 2; Microsoft's yet-to-be-released exclusive from Ninja Theory.

If you're in and around London or Berlin and fancy taking a look at either of these, they're both free of admission, with slightly different opening times & rules. Berlin's exhibit takes place December 1-2 where rolling shows go ahead every 20 minutes, while London is open now through December 2nd with pre-booking encouraged but walk-ins also accepted if there's space.

Here's a brief description of what to expect from the experience in London:

"Take a break from the frenetic Christmas shopping in central London, relax, and decompress in a one-of-a-kind experience: each 15-minute session has been specially designed to provide the ambiance, visuals and sound to fully bring to life the connection between dreams, imagination and awe-inspiring gaming entertainment."

The team will also have some kiosks present where fans can go hands-on with Starfield, Forza Motorsport and Halo Infinite - which is perhaps more useful for gamers on the fence about picking up a new Xbox. Anyway as we said, the Berlin experience kicks off on Friday, and if you want to look into booking for London - tickets are available on Eventbrite at the time of writing.

Does this look like something you'd check out? Tell us your thoughts & potential plans down below!