Halo Infinite has gone through a lot over the course of its live service, but Season 5 has arguably been one of the best updates yet with not only plenty of new multiplayer content but also the addition of AI in the game's Forge mode.

Now, to add to the excitement, the new event Operation: Combined Arms goes live today - bringing a "free 20-tier Operation Pass" featuring all sorts of new customisation rewards. The unlockable content up for grabs includes new armour and vehicle coatings, emblems and visors. This event will run until 19th December.

As part of this same update, 343 is also adding some "refueled" classic maps from Halo 3 that have been recreated in Forge in partnership with the community. There are seven maps featured in the new matchmaking playlist including levels like Guardian, The Pit and Narrows. There's also a bonus map 'Critical Dewpoint' celebrating Halo's "nostalgia-fueled" partnership with Mountain Dew.

Last of all is a new challenge unlock for the Mjolnir Mark V armour. This armour is available for purchase via the Shop.

Will you be giving this latest content update for Halo Infinite a go? Tell us in the comments.

[source halowaypoint.com]