Microsoft Adds New Feature To Help Track Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass

For a good while now, Microsoft has typically updated us all on what's leaving Xbox Game Pass through its regular Xbox Wire roundups. These roundups are clear and concise enough, but they don't give players much time to find such info before the titles leave the library - usually around two weeks or so. However, the team has just implemented a new feature on console that'll be quite useful for folks who aren't quite as engaged with Xbox news.

Basically, if you now try and play a game that's leaving Xbox Game Pass soon, you'll get a warning that said game is on the way out. You even get the date too - displayed front and centre on the warning message. Here are a few examples of the new message on some of this month's upcoming leavers:

This is a small change but it's a nice QOL feature, and it's one we've only just started noticing pop up as we try and squeeze in some last-minute playtime with titles leaving Game Pass. We'd like a bit more notice on when games are leaving generally (maybe a month or so?) but it's definitely a step in the right direction and a nice feature if you're midway through a game that's leaving imminently.

Speaking of which, we do have our first full set of leavers for November 2023 - as revealed earlier this month. We'll drop a summary of what's leaving Xbox Game Pass in mid-November down below, along with a link to our best guesses about what might potentially leave the library in December 2023.

Are you glad Xbox is adding this last-minute warning for titles leaving Game Pass? Tell us your thoughts on it down below.