Immortals Of Aveum Gets 'Performance Boosts' On Xbox, Free Trial Coming Later This Month

EA and developer Ascendant studios have announced multiple new updates for the magic-based shooter Immortals of Aveum - with the first of these patches arriving today. The team has been vague on details for today's patch — simply stating that it "provides performance boosts on consoles and PC" ahead of its arrival — however, a second, more in-depth update is already in the works too.

Today's patch will mark version, while update is coming later this month. The latter looks like a big one, adding New Game+, a brand-new 'Grand Magnus' difficulty mode and some extra content to the game. Oh, and it'll bring a free three-chapter trial for all players on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC from November 16th!

Here's an introduction to the new content in update, also known as 'The Echollector Update', straight from the team:

"“THE ECHOLLECTOR” Content Update is a new endgame objective for players who want more lore and new content to play through once they’ve reached the later chapters. The events of the Everwar left the Path weak, scattering chunks of the consciouscape across Aveum and creating corrupted Shatterfanes - portals to new, undiscovered areas.

Jak must rid Aveum of these Shatterfanes and put a stop to whatever malevolent forces are siphoning away the Path’s power in a new boss fight. The Shatterfanes will automatically be available upon reaching Glaivegate, giving you the chance to take on this new challenge."

Immortals of Aveum landed back in late August as a next-gen Unreal Engine 5 shooter from Ascendant Studios. While we had fun with the game at launch, we too noted performance issues in our review time on Xbox Series X, so it's good to see this being addressed here. We're curious to see what you all think if you give the game's upcoming trial a go later this month!

Are you going to be giving the Immortals of Aveum trial a go? Remember, the full game will hit Xbox Game Pass when EA adds it to the 'EA Play' library.