Hogwarts Legacy has no-doubt been one of the biggest releases of the year - initially arriving on Xbox Series X|S back in February before the Xbox One version landed in May. While the cross-gen versions ended up pretty well-matched, the Nintendo Switch version is out today, and there are some major differences compared to every other platform.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that this new Switch version isn't a proper open world - at least compared to the other releases. It seems that the dev has done its utmost to bring the world of Hogwarts over to less-powerful hardware, but frequent load screens are part of the experience as a result, which break up the open world. You can check out the differences up above - where outlet SwitchUp pits the Nintendo console against the PC version of the title.

The game world is segmented on Switch - and even areas like shop interiors are cut off by lengthy load screens. Considering the hardware in question the dev team has done a pretty remarkable job getting this one running on Switch at all, but it certainly makes us appreciate the Xbox versions and their much more seamless open worlds!

Elsewhere, the visuals of course take a hit - but we're still quite impressed at how Switch compares to PC, Xbox and PlayStation given the power differences. We haven't spotted any direct Xbox comparisons just yet, but here's a Switch Vs. PS5 video if you'd like to see how current-gen consoles match up (Xbox Series X will be very similar to PS5 here).

Anyway, all this Hogwarts chatter has got this writer in the mood to pick the game up and play it over the holiday season - likely on Xbox Series X after all this. How about a Black Friday discount eh, Microsoft?

What do you make of these Hogwarts comparisons? Impressed by the Switch version compared to current-gen consoles? Tell us down below.