Halo Infinite's Forge toolset is a mighty impressive piece of kit, especially since the team added AI into the mix; allowing for more in-depth user creations. Well, it's spawned a pretty in-depth one here - as one fan has recreated the entire opening mission of Halo 3 in Infinite's Forge mode!

As you can see up above, Rebs Gaming has put the fan-made creation through its paces, and it's quite an impressive thing to behold. The full 'Sierra 117' level is present - complete with checkpoints, scripted AI, easter eggs and more.

The mod was created by Halo Infinite user 'unbrokenonyx', and we'll drop a link to the Forge mode creation right here - for if you fancy giving it a go yourself! We might have to download this thing and give it a whirl when we next boot up Halo Infinite as it looks super well made.

The 2021 Xbox exclusive really has been ringing in the nostalgia recently - even in a more official capacity. Earlier this month, 343 Industries delivered a 'Halo 3 Refueled' playlist, bringing a selection of classic remade Halo 3 maps to standard Halo Infinite multiplayer. You can check out some map comparisons from this playlist down below!

Will you be trying out this Sierra 117 remake? Tell us what you think of this Forge creation down in the comments.