Xbox's huge Activision Blizzard deal has now gone through, and its successful completion has led to questions of other potential acquisitions in the gaming industry.

Of course, EA is one of the big names left on the table (either in terms of EA picking up other teams, or a company purchasing EA), and in a recent CNBC interview, EA's Andrew Wilson was asked about ActiBlizz and the future of the industry in the wake of Microsoft's new deal.

Here's what Wilson had to say when asked about his opinion on Xbox's recent merger:

"I think that Microsoft & Activision is a great thing, it means that one of the world's largest companies is going to continue to invest in our industry, to help us grow the industry over time.

But, as we think about our position — certainly as an independent developer and publisher of the world's leading interactive entertainment content — we feel really good about our opportunity - and to the extent that there are opportunities for us to be acquisitive, we would of course look at those."

Wilson believes the ActiBlizz deal is a net positive then, and EA is clearly upbeat about its position in the industry as well. The company is seemingly open to potential mergers if the right opportunity comes along - whether that be it grabbing other teams or EA looking into being acquired itself.

For now, we haven't heard about any potential acquisitions in regards to EA, but you just never know in a post-Xbox & ActiBlizz world. The rest of the interview, which we've included up above, is mostly about the industry at large - and the company's recent launch of EA Sports FC 24.

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