Call of Duty
Image: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrived on the Xbox and various other platforms this week, and it seems there have been some teething issues. One, in particular, that has created some problems for players is a multiplayer spawn glitch, where players restart in the same location over and over again.

Activision and Sledgehammer games were quick to acknowledge this via its support account on social media, and has responded to these "unfavorable spawns" by removing three maps from Hardpoint playlists:

"Quarry, Rundown, and Scrapyard have been temporarily removed from Hardpoint playlists while we investigate an issue causing unfavorable spawns."

Here's just one of the many clips doing the rounds online showing players trying to escape spawn campers:

Activision followed this up sometime later by also removing Cutthroat from the playlist, while it continued working to resolve the same issue:

"#MW3 Multiplayer Karachi has been temporarily removed from the Cutthroat playlist while we work to resolve an issue causing a player to spawn alongside enemies.

Again, minor issues like this aren't that surprising and as noted will be resolved as soon as possible. It follows on from a report yesterday which claimed the campaign had taken just 16 months to develop, which is the shortest amount of time spent working on a CoD story in many years.

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