Call Of Duty: MW3 Release Date, Release Times & Preload Details On Xbox

Your latest Call of Duty game is almost here with the release of Modern Warfare 3, although with Activision's new method of offering an early access window for the game's campaign, knowing exactly when to play can get confusing.

So, we've gathered up all the details you need to know for accessing MW3 on Xbox. Here's when everything goes live and becomes ready to play:

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Release Date Xbox

Call of Duty: MW3 actually has two release dates. The campaign is live now in early access for players who pre-ordered the game - with the full game's release date to follow shortly.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's campaign launched on November 2nd.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 full game release date is November 10th.

Call Of Duty: MW3 Release Times For Xbox

As we just mentioned, the MW3 campaign is already out in early access for pre-order players.

However, the full game (including multiplayer and zombies) has a staggered release time on console. Basically, the game will be live by 10pm PT on November 9th for all players, but certain regions can hop in earlier than that.

We'll drop Activision's official Call of Duty: MW3 release time map down below, along with a direct quote about the team's regional rollout for Xbox players:

Call Of Duty: MW3 Release Date, Release Times & Preload Details On Xbox 1

"For console players, the entire Modern Warfare III game becomes available to play in a rolling launch, starting in New Zealand at midnight (November 10, at 12 AM GMT+13), which is November 9, at 3 AM PT (USA). The game will be fully live worldwide by 10 PM PT on November 9."

Modern Warfare 3 Xbox Preload

Just like the game's release date, MW3 has two different stages of preload availability on Xbox.

You can preload the Modern Warfare 3 campaign now, with the multiplayer and zombies content to follow shortly.

The full MW3 game will be ready to preload at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on November 8th.

We hope this helps you get set up and ready to go for MW3 on Xbox!