Developer Mundfish has started teasing its second DLC add-on for Atomic Heart, and just as we thought the team's robot-laden Soviet FPS couldn't get any weirder, we've been introduced to its 'Limbo Ecosystem'.

Looking more like a first-person parkour experience than a shooter, the game's second expansion is due out 'this winter', and it'll bring some sort of floating platforming experience to the game. In case you missed it, the game's first add-on brought a new story area to the title back in August.

As was the case with the previous DLC, this is a premium add-on, so it won't be included in Xbox Game Pass. For now, the main game is still a part of the service - launching on Xbox to lots of attention back in early 2023.

We haven't got around to playing any of Atomic Heart's DLC yet, but we had a good time with the base game back in February. It wasn't "a true great", but Atomic Heart delivered a unique-feeling FPS experience thanks to its futuristic spin on a Soviet setting.

Are you still plugged into Atomic Heart's weirdness? Tempted to pick up and play the DLC? Tell your robot overlords down below.