Developer Mundfish has officially kicked off a four-course DLC plan for its Xbox Game Pass shooter Atomic Heart. DLC 1 is out now on Xbox, with 'Annihilation Instinct' delivering "New narrative content, a new Mendeleev Complex area, new weapons, new shape-shifting enemies, and a new glove's ability".

The expansion is available on its own for $9.99 / £7.99, or it comes included in the game's 'Atomic Pass' which'll cost users $39.99 / £32.99. Annihilation Instinct, and any future DLC packs for that matter, aren't included in the Game Pass version of Atomic Heart - you'll have to fork out extra to play them.

"Take advantage of new weapons and the Technostatis ability to get rid of new shape-shifting enemies. Dive deeper in the story of Atomic Heart and regain control of the Mendeleev complex!"

The base version of Atomic Heart is still available in the Game Pass library following its launch back in February. We played it back then and enjoyed our time with it, even though we felt it didn't take full advantage of its uniquely Soviet backdrop.

We're intrigued to see if any of these upcoming DLC packs address some of the concerns we laid out in our written review, although we'll probably wait for the whole 'Atomic Pass' to run its course before finding out.

Are you thinking of playing any of the Atomic Heart DLC? Let us know if you're diving back in down below.