Street Fighter 6
Image: Capcom

Yesterday, news broke about Microsoft initiating a new policy as of next month where Xbox consoles will block all "unauthorised" accessories. There's a mixed reception to this so far, but one group that isn't taking it too well is the fighting game community (FGC).

FGC is potentially one of the communities that could be impacted the most by these changes. This has already been highlighted by third-party companies such as Brook Gaming, which recognises that its "converters, fighting boards" and other devices will no longer be compatible with Xbox devices.

This announcement has even resulted in certain figures within the FGC speaking out, asking Xbox to "please reconsider" the decision. If Xbox's fighting game community is to grow, this may not necessarily help it.

In a statement, Microsoft mentioned how unauthorised accessories can "compromise the gaming experience". It may not necessarily be all doom and gloom, as Microsoft is reportedly planning to expand its accessories program for "approved" third-party devices such as controllers.

For now, though, it's just a matter of brands going through the steps to get their products officially licensed, and devices that aren't beyond 12th November 2023, may no longer work on Xbox consoles. You can learn more in our previous coverage:

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