Xbox Controller Mapping

Xbox will finally be rolling out its update that allows keyboard buttons to be mapped to Xbox controllers in its October update.

This feature was originally announced back in July, but if you did miss it, Xbox owners will now be able to map controller buttons for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 as well as the Xbox Adaptive Controller to your keyboard.

"Keyboard remapping has been a requested feature in the PC gaming and accessibility communities. It helps expand controller input capabilities in games that have many commands, have limited remapping capabilities, or do not support controllers."

Starting this week, the Xbox Accessories app will also support controller-to-keyboard input mapping across PC and console.

"Choose any button on your Elite Series 2 or port on your Xbox Adaptive Controller and remap it to your desired keyboard key. For instance, Sea of Thieves can take keyboard input for something like quick select of a tool or weapon, while using controller for most other actions."

In addition to this, Xbox is also rolling out the ability for players to "easily import" their game captures from the Xbox network directly to Microsoft's built-in Windows PC and browser video editor Clipchamp. Here's a bit about this update:

"From Clipchamp, you’ll see a new “Xbox” option in the import panel. After you sign-in to the Xbox network, you’ll be able to select and import game captures into Clipchamp for editing. Once imported, you’re ready to create videos of your epic gaming moments by trimming, cropping, adding text, transitions, and other effects. Afterward, you can easily share these videos with your friends, family, and followers."

You can learn more about the keyboard mapping for controller feature in the original Xbox Wire post and our previous coverage here on Pure Xbox:

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