A week ago, Microsoft launched a brand-new Xbox marketing campaign - right after the company confirmed its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Well, as it turns out, that campaign isn't limited to TV & YouTube ads (and giant spheres in Las Vegas); Xbox fans have been spotting some impressive real-world billboards all around Europe.

Yep, it looks like Microsoft is turning a bunch of European buses into giant moving billboards. What better way to 'Power Your Dreams' than by bus travel, eh?

Seriously though, these look really, really cool - and it'd make any journey better knowing we were basically sat inside a giant Starfield ad. The marketing images themed around Bethesda's brand-new RPG look particularly impressive!

Although some of these have been spotted here in the UK, we're yet to see one around our parts - they may well be limited to London routes by the looks of things! Either way, they all look super cool and it's great to see Microsoft shouting from the double-decker rooftops about Xbox again.

What do you make of these new real-world Xbox ads? Tell us your thoughts down below!