Forza Motorsport's Upcoming Release Brings New Dynamic Background To Xbox Series X|S

Forza Motorsport reviews are out now ahead of the game's early access release tomorrow, and the team has also delivered our latest Xbox Series X|S dynamic background to pair with the new title!

Yep, a brand-new animated background has just appeared on Xbox Series X and S consoles; themed around Forza Motorsport's gorgeous cover art. The flashing headlights are a lovely touch here, along with the subtle lens flare effect:

Microsoft has been dropping quite a few of these animated backgrounds as of late - we're all for variety and this is another solid addition to the lineup! We'd still like a bit more of a 'dynamic' look to most of these, but hey ho, they're still a nice change of pace from a static image.

If you'd like to read more about our thoughts on the game itself and what it'll bring to Xbox Game Pass next week, check out our full review down below.

Hyped for Forza Motorsport this month? Drop your thoughts on this background in the comments section below.