EA has today pulled back the curtain on the next entry in the EA Sports UFC series, with EA Sports UFC 5 set to release for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (but not Xbox One) on October 27th, 2023.

This seems a major overhaul for the series, with the game utilising EA's Frostbite engine for the first time resulting in 60FPS gameplay and significant visual improvements (seriously, it looks amazing!). To enhance this, there's advanced body tech along with new facial animation tech that allows you to "see and feel the impact" with authentic damage, and you'll even find a breathtaking new cinematic KO camera that's reminiscent of the old Fight Night games, but it looks so much better this time around.

On the gameplay side, different types of fighter damage will realistically impact aspects such as stamina and movement, there's now the potential of doctor checks and stoppages, lots of new strike animations have been added, and the new transition-based submission system allows you to "focus on the fight" with "continued immersion".

Career mode is also back with a new onboarding experience, better training camps, improved AI and more, while the new Online Career mode will allow you to compete with your created fighter against other real players.

There's a lot more to experience in EA Sports UFC 5 when it arrives on Xbox this October, and it's definitely looking and sounding like a big evolution for EA's franchise. The pre-order bonuses are significant as well, with Muhammad Ali up for grabs in the Standard and Deluxe Editions along with Fedor Emelianenko and Mike Tyson in the Deluxe Edition.

You can check out a look at Ali and Emelianenko in the game below:

"Powered by Frostbite™ engine’s advanced rendering capabilities, your favorite fighters now have unparalleled character likenesses to complement next-level environment fidelity that’ll make their walk to the Octagon feel like a PPV main event. The all-new authentic damage system brings the intensity and strategy of a fight to life, as cuts and strikes absorbed can affect mobility, defense, stamina, and more. Take too much damage, and the doctor will check to see if you’re able to continue.

For lovers of the ground game, the new Transition-Based Submissions make grappling feel more fluid and realistic than ever before. And if you like to admire your handiwork, new Cinematic K.O. Replays capture your fight-ending finishes in all their punishing glory. Plus, a completely revamped live service schedule builds exciting challenges around all PPV fight weeks. Bring the next evolution of the fight game home with UFC 5."

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