We were mighty impressed with The Crew's third outing when Motorfest arrived on Xbox last month - and you too will soon be able to decide what you make of Ubisoft's new open world racer.

Yep, the team is unleashing a free five-hour trial tomorrow, October 10th, and you can jump in until Friday, October 20th. It's worth noting that this is the same trial that Ubisoft put live for a short period in September, so if you used up your free five hours back then, you cannot take part here on the same profile.

The trial is going to be up for a longer period this time though, so if you did miss out before, this is a good opportunity to jump into five free hours of The Crew Motorfest before deciding whether to buy it or pick up a Ubisoft Plus subscription.

If you do decide that this is going to be your next open world racing obsession, then you might want to hold out for an upcoming discount. Ubisoft will be running a 20% off promotion from October 13 through October 16 as part of Xbox's deals of the week.

Are you thinking of diving into this free Motorfest trial? Let us know your plans down below.

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