The Crew Motorfest is now out for all players, and a very nice introductory offer from Ubisoft has accompanied the standard edition launch. All players across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can go hands-on with the game for absolutely free, for a limited time.

That free trial period is now live and runs from September 14th through September 17th, and your gameplay time will be limited to five hours in total. That gives you most of the coming weekend to get your free five hours of The Crew Motorfest in!

For a day one trial we think this is pretty generous, and five hours should give you plenty of time to see what the game has to offer. Your progress would carry over to the main game as well, if you decided to purchase The Crew Motorfest after its trial period.

Here at PX we're hoping to get stuck into this one over the coming weekend and bring you some updated thoughts on Ubisoft's new racer, but in the meantime, you can check out our recent beta impressions down below to see if it's worth the download!

Are you gathering your crew for some free cruising this weekend? Let us know if you're tempted to give this one a whirl!