Xbox console exclusive The Gunk got quite a bit of attention around its launch in late 2020, likely in large part due to the title's Xbox Game Pass inclusion right around when Xbox Series X and S were brand-spanking new. As it turns out, Xbox's involvement in bringing The Gunk to market was "instrumental" in getting the game made in the first place.

In a new thread on Twitter, Agostino Simonetta from The Gunk publisher Thunderful Games expressed how positive his team's experience was with Xbox - and how important the Game Pass launch was as well.

Despite speculation over how sustainable Game Pass is for Xbox and the industry at large, plenty of dev teams are certainly enjoying the stability it brings to development. Earlier this month, indie publisher No More Robots spoke about how the service enables "secure success" for smaller teams.

Judging by the Thunderful tweet above, those working on The Gunk enjoyed similar levels of security while developing the title, along with a nice Xbox Game Pass player base bonus of course!

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