This past Sunday marked the return of Minecraft Live for 2023, and the show treated us to some cool announcements for everything from Minecraft Legends to new Star Wars DLC, along with a bunch of mindblowing statistics!

In terms of that Star Wars DLC, it's called "Path of the Jedi" and will be landing on November 7th, featuring a story set during the Clone Wars and allowing you to train as a young Padwan until you reach the rank of Jedi Knight.

Minecraft Legends will also be getting a second major update later this year - highlights of this include a new mount called the fearless frog, a new ally in the form of the mysterious witches, and various other surprises.

In anticipation of Minecraft's 15th anniversary next year, Mojang revealed the game has surpassed 300 million copies sold (!), described as a "milestone no-one could have dreamed of". You can see more stats about this below.

"Together we’ve been crafting pickaxes (15 million of them!) discovering diamonds (6.7 million!), and slaying 15 million skeletons.** Just recently we also crossed 300 million copies sold, a milestone no-one could have dreamed of when we were all building our first dirt houses!"

If you're interested in finding out more about Minecraft Live 2023, the video of the event is up above, and the game's official website has the full rundown of all the announcements including early info on Minecraft update 1.21.

Minecraft Surpasses 300 Million Copies Sold, Announces New Star Wars DLC 2

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