Minecraft Dungeons
Image: Mojang, Xbox

Alongside the news Minecraft Dungeons has now surpassed 25 million unique players, Mojang has finally confirmed the game had its last update almost a year ago.

Version 1.17 was rolled out in November 2022, and in the latest update on Minecraft.net, it's mentioned how the team has now moved on to "new projects" that will continue to explore new experiences within the Minecraft universe.

The same post goes on to mention how there are "no new features or content updates planned for the game" and reiterates how the Minecraft team intends to continue to deliver new experiences.

One other aim is to allow the team the creative freedom to continue experimenting with the types of games they're passionate about, similar to how Dungeons channelled the classic dungeon crawler genre.

How do you feel about the fact support for this game has officially wrapped? What other games set within the Minecraft universe would you like to see next? Leave a comment below.

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