Lords Of The Fallen's Day 1 Patch Suffers Slight Delay For Xbox Series X|S

Update (Fri 13th Oct, 2023): Well, that didn't take long! The day one patch for Lords of the Fallen has actually arrived on launch day after all, with developer Hexworks confirming the news earlier today.

We haven't got any patch notes yet, but apparently they'll be rolling out for all platforms in the near future.

Original story (Thu 12th Oct, 2023): If you're looking forward to the release of Lords of the Fallen this Friday on Xbox Series X and Series S, something you need to be aware of is that the developer is still working on the bringing the game up to date on Xbox specifically.

In a message shared today on social media, it was explained that the PC and PlayStation 5 versions have been patched and have received performance improvements, but Xbox is still "currently being updated" for the time being.

Some players who "live in New Zealand" have already begun to get access to Lords of the Fallen today, and most of them seem to be enjoying themselves aside from some performance issues and bugs that have been cropping up.

It's definitely a shame that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions aren't quite ready to go, but hopefully we'll only be waiting a few days until they're brought up to par with the PS5 and PC versions. Fingers crossed!

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