Forza Motorsport Is Out Now, But The Forza Horizon 5 Community Continues To Grow

Xbox developer Turn 10 has finally delivered its next-gen vision for Forza Motorsport, but that isn't slowing down the juggernaut that is Forza Horizon 5. Despite the latter being out for almost two years at this point, the player base continues to grow - and it's just hit a new milestone.

As you can see via FH5's in-game 'hall of fame' leaderboard, the total number of players who've cruised around its open world Mexican landscape now sits at over 34 million. Here's evidence of the team's new player milestone:

Of course, these numbers will include Xbox Game Pass players, and as far as we know this figure is across all platforms as well. Still, almost 35 million players is certainly nothing to sniff at - and it shows that the Forza Horizon 5 community is still growing in 2023.

Having said all that, Forza Motorsport is finally here, and it's good to have both of Xbox's Forza series' out there and thriving. If you want to read up on our thoughts about the most recent Forza release, we'll leave our full Forza Motorsport review down below.

Are you still playing both of these Forza titles? Or are you focused on one right now? Tell us in the comments section!