Amnesia: The Bunker marked the return of Frictional's frightening horror series when it arrived on Xbox Game Pass back in the summer, and now, it's getting a major update to coincide with a much spookier time of the year.

Ahead of Halloween at the end of the month, the team is bringing loads of new features to this scary Game Pass adventure, including two entirely new ways to play in the form of a 'Shell Shock' difficulty mode and a 'Custom' mode to tailor your experience however you please.

We've included the new update trailer up above, and we'll list all of the update's new features down below:

  • New Stalker behaviors that increase unpredictability.
  • Sublevel Fuse System – Restore electricity to turn on the lights in each of the Bunker’s zones, which slow the Stalker's progress.
  • Hardcore Health System – Lose health while bleeding; bandages stop bleeding but don’t restore health, and medkits stop bleeding and restore health.
  • More Randomization – Lockers and their combinations are in random locations.
  • Randomized Corpse Locations — Corpses draw dangerous, twisted rats that block hallways, and now they can be anywhere.
  • Saving Progress Costs Fuel Supplies.
  • Locked Fuel Storage Room – the unlimited supply of fuel, an already difficult-to-access resource, is now locked and has its own combination located somewhere in the Bunker.
  • Revolver locked in storage locker, and not available from the start.
  • The Admin Room, previously with lockable metal doors, is no longer safe from the Stalker.
  • 'Training Grounds' level for you to practice your skills.
  • ...and much more!

If you never got around to playing Amnesia: The Bunker back in summer, then, why not try it at the most appropriate time of the year! We'll leave our full written review of the game down below if you're still on the fence, along with a link to some of our top Halloween recommendations on Xbox Game Pass.

Are you gonna try out this Halloween update for Amnesia: The Bunker? Let us know your plans in the comments section!