Alan Wake 2 Won't Feature A Performance Mode On Xbox Series S

Last week, Remedy announced that despite not planning for it, the studio had managed to find a way to squeeze in a Performance mode for Alan Wake 2 on Xbox Series X and PS5, but didn't mention anything about Series S.

The tone of the messaging appeared to suggest that an Xbox Series S Performance mode was a very unlikely prospect, and that's now been confirmed by the developer in a statement to Game Informer.

However, while the Xbox Series S might be missing out on that dedicated Performance mode, it's worth pointing out that Remedy built Alan Wake 2 "from the beginning as a 30FPS experience focusing on visuals and ambiance".

In other words, it might even be preferable to play Alan Wake 2 on Xbox Series X in the 30FPS mode, as that's the way it was always intended to be experienced. It'll be interesting to see how all three consoles stack up when the game arrives later in October - the release date is Friday, October 27th.

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