Sony Reveals Xbox Game Pass Has 29 Million Subscribers, Admits PS Plus Is 'Substantially' Behind

In yet another twist in the ongoing Xbox vs. PlayStation ActiBlizz drama (yes, that's definitely its official name now), the UK CMA has revealed Sony's response to the authority's recent "Issues Statement" concerning the acquisition. A lot of what's tucked into this statement has already been heard by now, aside from some juicy new Xbox Game Pass details.

As the PlayStation owner continues to defend its stance on blocking the deal, Sony has dropped some new Xbox Game Pass figures. According to their statement, Microsoft has now gathered 29 million subscribers for the service, up from Xbox's official 25 million number released back in January.

"Game Pass leads PlayStation Plus significantly. Microsoft already has a substantial lead in multi-game subscription services. Game Pass has 29 million subscribers to Xbox Game Pass console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and is expected to grow substantially in the future. The multi-game subscription tiers of PlayStation Plus considerably lag [behind]..."

This statement, if wholly accurate, means Xbox Game Pass has gained another four million subscribers in well under a year, which seems pretty good going to us!

Interestingly, Sony's quote also openly admits that the numbers for the new PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers sit "considerably" behind Xbox Game Pass figures, although the PlayStation owner doesn't reveal its own subscriber numbers in this statement.

For now, we just know that Xbox Game Pass continues to grow!

Does this sound like healthy Game Pass growth to you? Let us know down in the comments.