Surprise! There's a new Elder Scrolls game out now in early access from Xbox and Bethesda!

It's obviously not the Elder Scrolls game we're waiting for (that could be many, many years away), but it's a nice surprise all the same! It's called The Elder Scrolls: Castles, and it's exclusive to Android devices for now.

In The Elder Scrolls: Castles, it's your job to control your own castle and dynasty as you make decisions that impact your legacy - fail to keep your subjects happy and they could apparently "grow discontent and plot assassination".

It definitely sounds pretty cool and very Fallout Shelter-like, and the best bit is that it's free to download on the Google Play Store! Update: Some have reported the early access being "full", so you may struggle to join right now.

We'll throw some more details below, along with a few screenshots.

"Tell your story for generations - each day in real life covers the span of an entire year in The Elder Scrolls: Castles. Train your subjects, name heirs, and maintain order to help your kingdom flourish. Will you keep your subjects happy and ensure a long life for their ruler? Or will they grow discontent and plot assassination?"

"Make key decisions that impact your legacy. Will you risk a limited supply of food to aid a neighboring kingdom? How should a heated spat between your subjects be settled? Your choices determine if your rule will inspire prosperity or lead your castle to peril."

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