What Happened To September 2023's Big Microsoft Rewards Punch Card?

Over the past few years, we've been highlighting the "Monthly Bonus Round" punch cards from Microsoft Rewards on a monthly basis, but as you may have noticed, there hasn't been one at all in September 2023 so far.

This has been a big topic in the Microsoft Rewards community over the past few days, and we haven't yet seen any kind of official reply from the Xbox team despite quite a few people asking for clarification.

Microsoft recently nerfed the Monthly Bonus Round punch cards from 2000 points per-month to 1000 points, but we didn't expect to see them disappear altogether. One theory that some fans are coming up with is that everything Microsoft Rewards related might be moving to the new "Rewards" tab that's been implemented in the new September 2023 Xbox update - rather than the old, sluggish app that we've been using until now.

We'll have to wait and see what happens with this, but don't forget there are still plenty of ways to earn thousands of Microsoft Rewards points throughout September 2023, and we've detailed all of those in our guide here at Pure Xbox:

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