Here's What's Included In The Xbox September 2023 Update
Image: Stream games from Xbox to Discord friends

The Xbox September 2023 update begins rolling out to all users on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S very soon, and it includes a bunch of new features that you'll definitely be interested in knowing about!

Here's a short overview of the Xbox September 2023 update, with more details available at Xbox Wire:

  • Stream games from Xbox to Discord friends

"Starting this week, you can stream gameplay directly from your Xbox to your Discord friends. With a simple click on “Stream your game,” your Discord friends can now watch as you play your favorite console games."

  • VRR update for Xbox Series X|S consoles

"Starting this week, you can choose how you want VRR enabled on your Xbox Series X or Series S console. To select your option, go to General > TV & display options > Video,and then go to the dropdown menu for VRR. You can select if you want VRR to be “Always On,” “Gaming Only,” or “Off.”

  • Microsoft Rewards improvements

"Rewards are now easier to find on your Xbox with the new Rewards tab. You can jump to them quickly by pressing the Xbox button to open the guide, choosing Profile & system, selecting your profile, and then choosing My Rewards, where you’ll find your Xbox Game Pass Quests."

"Additionally, you can now find the Redeem Rewards catalog directly from the Rewards tab in your profile. To check it out, open the guide and go to Profile & system > your profile > My Rewards."

Here's What's Included In The Xbox September 2023 Update 2
Image: Microsoft Rewards improvements
  • Ask to join your friend's gaming session

"Want to check if there’s room in your friend’s gaming session before joining the party? Now you can go over to your friend’s profile and select the ‘Ask to join game’ option. Your friend will receive a notification of your request to join, and they can respond back to you with a game invite, a party invite, or a message.

  • Xbox voice reporting

"Voice reporting equips Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players with the ability to capture a 60-second video clip of an in-game voice incident that they believe violates Xbox Community Standards and submit it as evidence to the Xbox Safety Team for review."

  • New wish list notifications

"The new wish list notifications will show up in the guide and as a pop-up to let you know when your wish list games are available. In Settings > Preferences > Store notifications, you can decide if you want to see notifications in the guide, when your wish list items are released, when they are available with Game Pass, and more."

Here's What's Included In The Xbox September 2023 Update 3
Image: New wish list notifications
  • Easily pair accessories to Xbox

"You can now easily pair new accessories to your Xbox console without having to move from your couch to push your Xbox console’s Pair button. To get started, open the Xbox Accessories app, and use the new “Connect a Device” option."

  • Xbox for PC improvements

"We just updated the Xbox app on PC with new features, faster performance, and celebrations for upcoming games. There are also improvements to game details page load times so you can get to the install button even faster, in addition to new fonts, button styles, and animations across the app."

Which of these September 2023 Xbox features are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below.