It's been a while since we last played Valheim on Xbox Game Pass, but it sounds like now is the time to revisit it! The game has just launched its massive "Ashlands" update across most platforms, with the Xbox version to follow shortly.

This update adds the Ashlands Biome to the game along with 30+ new weapons, 10+ new creatures, 70+ new buildable items, 30+ new crafting materials, new locations, new events and so much more. It's stacked with content for sure!

"The world is heating up and in the south something is stirring... The creatures of the Ashlands come to life as the biome update is here at last!"

The reason the Xbox version of this Valheim update isn't available yet is because of "some issues" that the developer still needs to deal with, so it's just a "short delay" until it officially arrives on the platform. Hopefully it won't be long!

We'll throw the abbreviated non-spoiler patch notes for Valheim's Ashlands update down below:

New content:

New Biome – Ashlands:
* 30+ New weapons
* New bombs and ammunitions
* 3 New armour sets
* 2 New capes
* 10+ New creatures
* 70+ New buildable items
* 5 New crafting station upgrades
* 30+ New crafting materials
* 15+ New food items and potions
* New locations
* New music
* New events
* New mechanics

Fixes & Improvements:

* Fixed Mead materials
* Standardised texts throughout the game
* Various fixes and improvements

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