Starfield Fan's Potato-Filled Spaceship Shows Off Impressive Physics System

There's lot of serious business to be done and dusted while playing Starfield - after all, we are exploring multiple galaxies trying to figure out some of the mysteries of the universe. However, there's also time for some silly stuff, like collecting as many potatoes as can feasibly fit into your spaceship cabin.

Yep, following June's sandwich-filled Starfield Direct comes potato-gate, where players are hitting the virtual limit on how many potatoes their spaceship can carry in Starfield. Finding the limit ain't much, but it's honest work.

Silliness aside, we're actually quite impressed with this to be honest; look how realistically those potatoes roll out of the cockpit door! There's also loads of them crammed in there, to the point where we'd start to worry about one or two rotten taters ruining the whole batch...

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The cogs are already turning here at PX HQ for what we could cram into our own spaceship cabins - that's something for us to figure out once we've wrapped up our Starfield main storyline playthrough. Business now, fun and potato games later!

Have you tried anything like this in Starfield yet? Let us know what your spaceships are full of down below.