One of the benefits of playing Starfield on a Windows PC is that you can take advantage of the many user-created mods that are doing the rounds on the likes of Nexus Mods, and one of them even features Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself!

As highlighted by The Verge's Tom Warren earlier today, there's a mod on that website called "Phil Spencer Flashlight" in which the game's flashlight (when activated) shows a picture of the Xbox exec starting back at you.

It might be ridiculous, but we feel like this one's going to become pretty popular!

In terms of what other mods are available to download, there are a lot of apparent performance "boosts" and tools for skipping various in-game videos, and we expect more to crop up on a daily basis for the foreseeable future.

As for official mod support, Bethesda has already confirmed that mods will be coming to Xbox and PC, but there's no date for this yet. For now, the only option is to access them via third-party means — and only on PC for the time being.

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