Stalker 2 Developer Suffers From Fire In New Prague Offices

Ukrainian developer GSC Game World has had a tough couple of years to say the absolute least, and since fleeing its home nation the team has been working out of new offices in Prague, Czech Republic. Unfortunately, these offices suffered fire damage late last week after an accident broke out at the new Stalker 2 development building.

Thankfully, all personnel seem to be fine and nobody was harmed during the incident, which is great news. However, one of the team's office floors "now requires a full restoration". Here's what was said in the wake of the accident by one member of the development team, who goes by the name of 'Mol1t' on Discord:

"It is true. Fortunately, none of the employees or office staff were injured in the accident. A fire broke out in our office in Prague on Thursday. Even though the fire was successfully put out, one of the office floors now requires a full restoration. Further details of the accident are still being investigated. We express our deepest appreciation for your questions and the words of support we have been receiving. No anomaly, not even a "Burner", will make us stop in our pursuit of our final goal. We've dealt with worse than that before. This is fine."

It's a defiant message then, and we sincerely hope GSC Game World has some good fortune heading into 2024 and beyond. Stalker 2 is aiming for an early 2024 launch at the moment, and we're very much looking forward to seeing it release!

Speaking of which, the Xbox Game Pass title recently made a fresh appearance at gamescom 2023 with an impressive-looking gameplay demo. Read all about the game's latest public showing down below.

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