Reminder: Seven Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass Today (September 30)

Today marks another set of Xbox Game Pass departures, folks! We've got seven games leaving the service in total today, including some well-regarded titles such as Prodeus, Outriders and Weird West.

Here's what's leaving Xbox Game Pass in a few hours' time:

Date Game Platform
September 30 Beacon Pines Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Despot's Game Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Last Call BBS PC
September 30 Moonscars Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Outriders Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Prodeus Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Weird West Console, PC, Cloud

As mentioned, you've got a little while longer to play these games before they're removed from Xbox Game Pass, and all of them are available with a discount of at least 20% if you want to buy any for your backlog.

We're expecting to find out the next batch of Xbox Game Pass departures at some point over the next couple of days, but in the meantime we've already put together some predictions about what might leave Game Pass in October:

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