Way back in April we learnt of a new Overcooked-like title coming to Xbox Game Pass, and now we have an official release date. PlateUp! serves its launch-day banquet on November 2nd, 2023, and we're quite looking forward to trying this one out!

These co-op cooking games are always a good laugh, and Xbox Game Pass feels like exactly the right place for PlateUp! to make its Xbox debut. Here's a bit more info on this new spin on some co-op kitchen chaos, straight from the team:

"PlateUp! combines chaotic kitchen and restaurant management with strategic planning and development to create a delightful roguelite dish unlike any other. Up to four players build and run a restaurant from scratch, choosing dishes, buying and placing appliances – some of which can be daisy-chained together to create ambitious automatic kitchens – cooking food and serving customers.

Players have free rein to design their restaurant which will expand and develop between shifts – with additional content and challenges unlocked through progression."

Will you be cooking up some delicious dishes on Game Pass this November? Let us know down below.