No Man's Sky's 'Biggest Month In Years' Coincides With The Launch Of Starfield

No Man's Sky is having its "biggest month in the last few years", says Hello Games founder Sean Murray, and we can't help but think that a certain Xbox exclusive may have played a part in the game's newfound success.

Yes, of course, we're talking about Starfield, which launched its own space odyssey into orbit this month on Xbox and PC. However, No Man's Sky is also available on the likes of PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and VR platforms - and Hello Games' ongoing adventure has probably been an enticing proposition for users on those systems.

Having said all that, Starfield isn't the only thing leading to extended success for No Man's Sky. The team behind NMS continues to deliver consistent updates across all versions of the game, including the title's recent 'Echoes' update which is the biggest of the year so far.

No Man's Sky is also on Xbox Game Pass, just like Starfield, so that's a steady stream of users right there - even if many of them will likely be distracted by Starfield at the moment. Space adventurers; you're being well served right now with this pair of expansive sci-fi video games!

Are you still enjoying No Man's Sky seven years later? Leave your thoughts on this revelation down below.