Yes, Starfield is an incredibly high-profile Xbox launch happening as we speak, but lets not forget about another huge pillar in Microsoft's 2023 lineup - the Forza Motorsport reboot. The upcoming racing sim launches in early October, but it looks like we're going to get a good feel for the game well before that via some early hands-on impressions.

Certain content creators are starting to tease upcoming Forza Motorsport previews, with the embargo date for these impressions seemingly set at September 11th. That's well before the game's early access launch, which speeds onto Xbox and PC on October 5th, before the Game Pass launch crosses the finish line on October 10th.

Now, we're not entirely sure how much of the game will have been accessible for these hands-on sessions, but given we're very, very close to launch at this point, we're hoping a good chunk of the game has been provided for this upcoming round of previews.

It looks like things are coming along quite nicely over at Turn 10 Studios as we near launch. Recent gameplay footage coming out of Gamescom 2023 looked super impressive - lets hope that translates to the full experience on Xbox Game Pass this October.

Will you be checking out these Forza previews? Don't forget that this huge Xbox exclusive is right around the corner as well!