Final Warning! Marvel's Avengers Is Being Delisted On Xbox This Week

Update (Wed 27th Sep, 2023): Sadly, the excellent 90% discount for Marvel's Avengers now seems to have suddenly ended, with the game going back up to its standard price of $39.99 / £44.99 on the Xbox Store.

Original story (Mon 25th Sep, 2023): This week marks the end of an era for Marvel's Avengers, which will officially be getting delisted across all platforms on September 30th. This means you'll no longer be able to buy the game from the Xbox Store after that date.

Until then though, the game has received a massive 90% discount, meaning you can purchase the Marvel's Avengers Definitive Edition for just $3.99 / £4.49. In our opinion, that's a no-brainer!

Sure, Marvel's Avengers didn't turn out to be the huge success we'd hoped it would be, but we still had a ton of fun with the excellent single-player campaign, which is definitely worth the small price of admission.

Add to that the fantastic Xbox Series X|S upgrade and the free cosmetic content that's now included for all players, and ultimately it's very good value! Keep in mind that if you do decide to go ahead and buy Marvel's Avengers, you'll still be able to reinstall it after September 30th - it's just that the game won't be purchasable on the Xbox Store after that point, and Square Enix will no longer be supporting it in any fashion either.

What do you think? Is Marvel's Avengers worth $3.99 / £4.49? Tell us down below.

Is Marvel's Avengers Worth $3.99 / £4.49? (563 votes)

  1. Definitely! Just buy it!47%
  2. It probably is, yeah17%
  3. Maybe, I'm not sure really13%
  4. Probably not to be honest9%
  5. No chance! It's terrible!14%