Multiple Games Revealed At Xbox Gamescom 2023 Event (Day One)

Today's Xbox stream from Gamescom 2023 has just finished, and it included the reveal of some brand-new games as well as some new release dates - an even the confirmation of a day one Xbox Game Pass title!

So, without further ado, we'll throw all the new reveals down below with more information:

SteamWorld Build - December 1 (Xbox Game Pass)

"In SteamWorld Build, you must escape a dying planet by building a mining town to dig up vital long-lost technology. Meet the ever-growing needs of your citizens, trade resources and defend your mine from the creatures that lurk below."

Worldless - October 4

"Worldless is a stylised 2D Adventure Platformer with turn-based combat and a mind-bending, interpretative narrative. Players will walk the line between physical and astral planes within a shapeless world, embarking on a journey of self-growth and understanding."

Broken Sword - Parzival's Stone - TBD

"Broken Sword - Parzival's Stone will be a brand new adventure in the series and is in development for console, PC, and mobile. The game employs a revolutionary ‘super 2D’ visual approach. George and Nico reunite but soon find themselves embroiled in a terrifying conspiracy involving Nazi treasure hunters, brutal medieval histories, and Quantum Physics."

Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars: Reforged - Early 2024

"Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars: Reforged, the 4K reinvention of the first Broken Sword game, in development for console, PC, and mobile for release in early 2024, is designed to enhance everything that fans love without losing the core charm that made the game an enduring classic over 25 years. As such, the game will be so much more than just a piece of nostalgia for existing fans, but also a way for newcomers to experience the first chapter in the series utilising the crisper visuals the hardware of today afford."

Age of Empires 4 - The Sultans Ascend DLC - TBD

Multiple Games Revealed At Xbox Gamescom 2023 Event (Day One) 2

"The biggest expansion released for Age of Empires 4 is coming soon. It's packed with a ton of content, and it's going to take players on an epic journey through the Middle East."

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