The Xbox Series X Is 'At The End Of The Beginning', Says Phil Spencer

If you're wondering how far along we are in the current generation of Xbox consoles, we might have an answer! According to head of Xbox Phil Spencer, he believes the Xbox Series X is "at the end of the beginning" right now.

Spencer was asked about the Series X specifically by IGN earlier today, where he explained that the initial supply issues somewhat "lengthened the beginning" of the console's lifecycle, and the effects of the COVID lockdown meant that a lot of games "got slowed up" - which has resulted in a swell of recent releases.

The Xbox boss went on to suggest that it's important to "let devs settle on this hardware and get the most out of it", and reiterated that the focus right now is with the increased storage for the Xbox Series S.

Spencer also used this discussion to share his praise for the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally, stating that the latter has basically become "like a remote Xbox" for him. You can check out our review of that device below:

Do you agree that we're "at the end of the beginning" of this generation? Tell us in the comments below.