Sniper Elite 5's New Xbox 'Complete Edition' Seems Mega-Expensive

The team behind Xbox Game Pass shooter Sniper Elite 5 has unveiled a brand new 'Complete Edition' of the game — set to launch on Xbox next week — and its upfront cost is eye-watering to say the least. This new version of SE5 comes with all of the game's DLC, but it'll cost you $109.99 / €109.99 / £91.99 to acquire. Ouch.

Okay, we get that this version contains two Season Passes worth of content among other bits and pieces, but more than $100 for a title that's over a year old seems extortionate! Anyway, here's everything that's included, as laid out by the team ahead of the edition's August 24th launch:

  • Four additional DLC missions: Landing Force, Conqueror, Rough Landing and Kraken Awakes
  • New weapons including fan favourite the Mosin-Nagant, as well as the P.1938 Suppressed Pistol
  • Four weapon skin packs to give your arsenal a unique look
  • Three DLC character skin packs, including the much loved American Airbourne and Ghillie Suit skins, along with two additional Karl skins
  • The Target Führer Wolf Mountain Mission.

The good news for now at least is that the base game is still available through Xbox Game Pass, so if you've not got around to playing Sniper Elite 5 yet, you still have the chance via Xbox's subscription service. Of course, you could then pick up any DLC packs separately, but would lose access to the base game if it leaves the Game Pass library.

Thankfully, we think the base game is very good and is well worth a steady shot on Xbox Game Pass. Read up on all of our launch day thoughts on Sniper Elite 5 down below.

Could you justify spending this much money on one game? Let us know your opinions on this Complete Edition down below.