Just over a year on from when Discord itself started to rollout to Xbox Insiders, members of Microsoft's preview program are beginning to test out a brand-new feature. Starting today, Xbox Insiders can stream gameplay directly to their friends on Discord, and it all looks nicely integrated into the Xbox guide.

Once you're into a Discord voice channel on your console (video explaining that up above), you can simply hit 'stream your game' to start beaming gameplay directly to a pal, or a group of mates of course. Just like Xbox's newly-announced Game Pass Core testing, this Discord feature is limited to Xbox Insider 'Alpha Ring and Alpha Skip-Ahead' users for now.

Discord Is Getting A Huge New Feature On Xbox Consoles

This writer ain't a massive Discord user, at least not yet, but this sounds like a pretty nice feature to be honest. Microsoft says it's a "highly requested" one too, so, hopefully Xbox users will make good use of it!

There's no timeline for a full rollout of this feature to all Xbox players right now, but given it starts today for those Xbox Insider rings we mentioned, we wouldn't expect it to take too long for the game streaming option to become available to all.

Will you be making use of this Discord feature when it's available to you? Let us know in the chat channel down below!

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