FromSoftware's Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon lands a mech-sized punch on Xbox this week, and ahead of launch, Bandai Namco has laid out all of the technical details across each console version of the game. Xbox Series S users - this one sounds a real treat!

Here's how Armored Core 6 will perform on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at launch:

  • Xbox Series X: "up to" 4K / 60FPS - Ray Tracing supported (Garage Only)
  • Xbox Series S: "up to" 1440p / 60FPS - Ray Tracing supported (Garage Only)

To see Xbox Series S get 1440p, 60FPS and ray tracing support is fantastic, and we're hoping the game gets as close to these figures as possible. Bandai Namco is saying "up to" with these numbers, so we're assuming dynamic scaling is in play across every system.

If you're planning on playing the game on last-gen, the team has confirmed that Armored Core 6 hits 900p / 30FPS on Xbox One and 4K / 30FPS on Xbox One X - with no ray tracing support on either last-gen Xbox. FromSoftware's upcoming title is out on August 25th, and this news is getting us pretty darn excited about its arrival.

Which system are you playing Armored Core 6 on? Tell us down in the comments section!