If you haven't played Sea of Thieves on Xbox Game Pass in a while, then you've got a great excuse to jump in again this week - the free Legend of Monkey Island update is launching on Thursday, July 20th!

Up above, you can watch the latest trailer for this new adventure, which gives players a Guided Tour of Mêlée Island featuring a whole bunch of famous landmarks from the amazing Monkey Island franchise.

This Sea of Thieves crossover will take the form of three new Tall Tales, where you'll be able to "solve puzzles, tussle with adversaries and tackle unexpected trials". The first of these arrives on Thursday, while the others aren't yet dated.

Here's a bit more information about what to expect later this week:

"Over the course of three brand new Tall Tales, you'll be invited to tour and explore beloved locations beginning with Mêlée Island, and interact with iconic characters including Guybrush Threepwood himself. Throughout The Legend of Monkey Island you'll solve puzzles, tussle with adversaries and tackle unexpected trials as you strive to put right situations that have gone bizarrely wrong and confront a looming peril born of powers from both worlds.

Players can expect to learn more about how these places are connected through an experience underscored by a rich seam of comedy, but right now we want to leave as much as possible to be discovered as you go."

Of course, you'll need Sea of Thieves to get access to this free expansion, but it's obviously included as part of the Xbox Game Pass library, and you can also buy it as part of the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale for £17.49 / $19.99 right now.

Looking forward to the Monkey Island expansion for Sea of Thieves? Tell us in the comments below.